1.02.2514 (2023/09/20)   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2514.exe

  • Ask for credentials for network shares
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Reload timeout introduced for rotating logs.
  • Clear find results on reload.
  • Filtered file view rework (reload changes only by trigger from source).

1.02.2483   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2483.exe

  • Auto update file changes in file open dialog.
  • Time filter added to file open dialog.
  • Network Share support improved in FileOpen dialog.
  • File change / reload detection improved.

1.02.2461   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2461.exe

  • Fix for irritating output in “FindInFiles” if lines contain tabs.
  • File open dialog and file patterns added.
  • Fix for hanging application after “show in explorer” for remote files (menu not displayed for URL files).
  • Fix for non working wild card filters.
  • Rework of import / export settings.
  • Minor UI fixes (when changing settings).

1.02.2408   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2408.exe

  • More alignments added (left and tabbed, top and tabbed).
  • Fix for “showing tabs for new views” while tabs should be hidden.
  • Jump to line position with click in density graph.
  • Fix for case insensitive searches with intern patterns (searched case sensitive).
  • Fix for “Open file location” for files containing blanks.
  • Crash fix when double clicking empty toolbar region.
  • Beta version of internal file open dialog (preparation for extensions, disabled by default — see Settings / Misc).

1.02.2363   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2363.exe

  • ArrangeWindows function uses enum (previously int).
  • Fix for automation functions with classes as input.

1.02.2360   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2360.exe

  • Minor UI fixes (store dialog positions).
  • Ensure visible start up position when stating with changed display settings.
  • Swap color context menu added in HighLightSettings list.
  • “Hide tabs” option added for more content lines (see settings menu).
  • Fix for fast pattern matches at end of line (contained the line end chars).

1.02.2349   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2349.exe

  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Use a toolbar for graphics output header and find output.
  • Fix for huge files waiting for finished line infos (when starting async action like find).

1.02.2314   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2314.exe

  • Fixes for combo selection of Alias / Filter / Highlights
  • Alias settings with file patterns
  • Compile macros only if required.
  • Store credentials in recent file settings.
  • Rework of graphics input and output.
  • Fix for sync from snippet view (set the current line but did not show).
  • Fix for rare crash during shut down.
  • Multifind with “search for all expressions” (alternative to complex regex expressions).
  • Find dialog fixes (improved control update).

1.02.2270   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2270.exe

  • Minor fix in highlight dropdown (shows 2 checked entries).

1.02.2265   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2265.exe

  • Minor UI fixes (show more tooltips / popup size calculation).

1.02.2245   🠦 loxx_setup_1.2.2245.exe

  • Size calculation of line popup improved.
  • Fix for graphic output not showing standard graphics (trace density etc).


  • Beta implementation of line-view popup.
  • Clear snippets in case of file reload / recreate.
  • Minor paint fix in toolbar.
  • Fix for wrongly detected UNICODE encoding.


  • New feature: Import export of settings (see Settings menu).
  • Repeat last 15 macros from toolbar (drop menu).
  • Minor changes in drop context menus (show checked items).


  • Fix for opening highlight instead of filter settings.


  • Fix for missing toolbar updates (highlights or filters seems to remain selected).


  • Repeat search with drop menu allowing access to the last 15 searches.
  • Fixes for local toolbars (wrong command mappings).


  • Rework of filter and highlight dialogs.
  • Local toolbar at single views (can be disabled Settings -> Misc.).
  • Easier filter/highlight selection.
  • Fix for missing delta times in case of zero distances in find results.


  • Time stamps accessible from macros.
  • Fix for search returning rarely wrong line positions.
  • Minor query extensions.


  • Fix for missing filtered icon in file tab if filtering is too fast.
  • Fix for sync between filtered / unfiltered files.
  • Fix Windows 11 causing trouble with NO_BUFFERING flag (caused read access errors).


  • Fix for annoying auto-complete bug in Find-In-Files target combo.


  • User macro file added to setup.
  • Auto start macro option added (automatic start with file open).
  • Description field added for filter and highlight entries.


  • Restore quick selection when returning to unfiltered view.
  • Highlight matching timestamps in file while editing time patterns.
  • Flicker fix after settings change.
  • Alpha implementation for value display fed from macros.


  • Toggle filtered/unfiltered with Ctrl-Shift-R (or Ctrl-Shift-Toolbar button).


  • Line buffer size detection disabled (did not work correctly).


  • Reload files with huge Fix line end – key jumping to end of file.
  • Fix for quick-filters with ‘(‘ (tries to match patterns)
  • Fix line end – key jumping to end of file.
  • Minor high-dpi changes


  • Enable sync button always (not only for time stamp containing files)
  • Fix for find in files from macro (stopped too early with many matches).


  • Filtered view sync also for remote files.
  • File filtering with simple patterns.
  • Fix for highlighting with regex expression.
  • File position sync reworked (no diff between time and position).


  • Minor fixes for filtered view syncs.


  • New feature: Synchronize filtered and original views by stored offsets.In case of huge files this might case a high memory load (offsets are limited to 100 millions)
  • Fix for filtered running UNICODE logs.
  • Output functions use enumeration types (might need a change in C#-macros!).


  • Break remote downloads when closing files (caused long waits while closing).


  • Fix for wrong time offset display when using “UTC to local” or vice versa.


  • Fix for wrong “find in files output” after search in UTF8-BOM files.
  • Fix for irritating button states in find dialog (if no file was open).
  • Copy content only option added for Find-in-files output.
  • Fix for wrong highlighting in “FindInFiles” results if pattern is found in file name.
  • Incremental updates for scp an sftp remote files improved.
  • Fix for rare crash during shutdown.
  • It’s 2023 …. happy new year!


  • Fix for damaged C# interface definition file.


  • Support of sftp and scp protocols in sessions.
  • Fix for wrong (static) adding daylight offsets in predefined time offsets.


  • Support of sftp and scp protocols.
  • Fix for non closed FTP connections.
  • Fix for crash when reading huge lines in binary files.


  • Fix for jump from graphic find matches to line position.
  • Setup fix removing installations in the 32-bit folder.


  • Minor paint fixes.
  • Fix in pattern searches.
  • Fix for disabling sample macros.
  • File positions of macros improved (for editing macros from dialog).
  • Documentation changes.
  • Remove write protection when saving copies.
  • Fix for save of filtered files.
  • Fix for closing files while queries are running.


  • Copy C# samples also during update setups.
  • C# Macro loading also from subdirectories


  • Automation API extended for creating graphics.
  • Graphic samples added.
  • XY-Graphs with several lines.
  • Use dark mode independent from system settings.


  • Fix for disappearing find results when switching views.


  • Documentation extended.
  • Graphics improved and samples added.


  • Setup fix (VC-redist package)


  • C# references added (for Linq usage)
  • Don’t clear macro generated graphic outputs when closing files.


  • Clear quick selection first — then line selection with “escape”-key.
  • Overwrite temp-setting if folder does not exist.
  • Fix for stored density information (re-loaded content was wrong).
  • Fix for FTP connections with user/pwd (connect failed).


  • Show progress while downloading update setup.
  • Time pattern added to default settings.


  • 64-bit installer uses correct directory (check shortcuts for possible required updates!).
  • Alpha implementation C# Macros (see documentation “Automation”).
  • Minor paint fix for selected empty lines.
  • Fix for wrong or slow time sync when working with time offsets.
  • Fix for missing checked “ShowChangedTimes” state in TimeSettings Dialog.


  • Optional mirroring of network files.
  • Fix for save selection (huge selections did not save correctly).
  • More graphics extensions/fixes.


  • Default graphic for content / time added
  • Show red background in find progress if canceled or max match count was exceeded.


  • Fix for showing spurious “Time stamps valid”.
  • Crash fix for bar charts (if max results > real results).
  • Minor fixes around graphics.


  • License required for graphics.
  • Fix for jump to line 0 after search.


  • Fixes for initial query run (some things worked only after restart)


  • Time pattern detection fixes.
  • Alpha implementation for graphical outputs.
  • Alternative pattern search to regular expressions added (much faster).
  • Wild card search improved (using simple patterns now).


  • Feature added: Start find with inline selection for current and optionally other open files.
  • Fix for missing find result window update when clearing find results.


  • Clear find results when clearing or resetting running view.
  • Auto horizontal scroll (while selecting) improved.
  • Crash fix when collecting snippets from URL-files.


  • Reopen session in next start.
  • Switch to case sensitive search if possible (faster).
  • Performance improvement when walking through huge find match lists.
  • Performance for line info parsing improved.


  • Default filter pattern added (allows to define default filters for special file names).
  • Minor UI changes (tooltip hints, etc,)


  • Crash fix for null pointer access when duplicating a view.


  • Clear quick selection when selecting lines.
  • Continuous merge of files (beta).


  • Fix for find in files reporting not all matches.
  • Global storage for FTP credentials.
  • Session files replacing file groups.


  • Optional broadcast quick selections to other open files.
  • Minor time sync fixes.


  • Beta implementation for FTP-based log-files.


  • Fix for failing registration during setup.


  • Fix for showing only one highlight color.
  • Fix for not showing negative delta times.


  • Group file handling reworked (merge works only for non-unicode files!).
  • Fix for time syncs (better matching line find).
  • Auto update for URL-files added.
  • Update find result window more frequently.
  • Minor performance optimizations.


  • Fix: crash when synchronizing time stamp positions.


  • Fix: Crash when opening find dialog in new installations.


  • Fix for missing tab expansion when displaying UNICODE files.
  • Reset selection when saving changed files.
  • Minor paint fixes.


  • Clear line details window when closing last file.
  • Performance improvements for find in files.
  • Fix for missing updates when viewing files with a start offset.