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Can I store my credentials for remote files?

Yes — you have to set up an entry in “Settings -> Preferences -> Stored account” settings.

Add the first part of the URL and your credentials. If a matching entry is available (URL starts with the stored part) the credentials are loaded automatically.

The credentials are stored as encrypted strings (not readable).

Is loxx related to Baretail?

No, but loxx is heavily inspired by Baretail. We loved Baretail, but unfortunate the development stalled and was discontinued. As we weren’t able to find a decent alternative, loxx was born.

What is the maximal file size loxx can open?

loxx can open really large files. There is no limit for the file size.
Only a small part file of the and an index table is loaded to memory.
For a file with 100 GB the memory usage is typically around 15 MB.

Why don’t I see delta times also with enabled “Show delta times” option?

Delta times can be displayed only if the time stamps in the file are matching one of the predefined patterns (Settings -> Preferences -> Date/time patterns).

You have to create a new pattern matching the date / time format in your file.